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Thread: Sky Digital Question

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    Hey guys,

    I'm in the UK and am a Sky Digital Subscriber. Basically, on the Sky EPG I get British Eurosport. I, however, find Eurosport better, I don't know why because most of the programs are the same and it is still in English, but I prefer it. Is there any way I can tune m digibox to recieve Eurosport.

    I don't know if it's one Eurosport feed that goes out to the rest of europe or if there is a different feed named Eurosport that goes to every country. If its a different feed, any country's eurosport feed will do [although preferably the ones goin to either Germany, France or Spain]

    Thanks a lot guys!,

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    Sky Digital is transmitted from the Astra 2 satellites at 28.2šE (and some from Eurobird 1 at 28.5šE) while Eurosport is transmitted from Astra 1C at 19.2šE so there is no way to receive the normal Eurosport channels on a standard Sky Digital setup.
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