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Thread: RPG Ebooks.

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    What is a good medium to search for these? I've been using Kazaa for them, is there a better medium to get these?


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    The emule/edonkey has lots of them. It can be a bit slow though.
    Plus, one of our mods has posted a list of verified RPG e-books here.

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    Yeah I have heaps of those that he posted. Trying to source for newer ones like the LOTR series. The last time I tried Emule/donkey I didn't like it, nothing seems to download or whatever, everything is just on perpetual queue or something.

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    Newsgroups: alt-binaries.e-book.rpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by MCHeshPants420
    Newsgroups: alt-binaries.e-book.rpg
    I'm new to this newsgroups thingy, I downloaded NewLeecher and tried to connect but I get an error. Do you need to have a subscription account to access newsgroups?


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