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Thread: DVD-Rewriters

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    I currently have a cd-rw and when i burn video files i have downloaded onto a cd-r it freezes and has problems although the video file didnt have these problems whilst been played on the computer. So i was thinking if you use a dvd-rw and use dvd disks would these videos play better?

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    If your burnt CDs don't play properly then perhaps there is a problem with the burner, the blank media or your even computer.

    The fact that data is recorded on DVD vs CD media has no effect on playback if the original file fits on the 700MB CD-R. The only difference is the DVD media can hold more data. 4.7GB for single layer or 8.5GB for dual layer.

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    Are you talking about freezing on a standalone dvd player or on your pc's player?

    Many standalone dvd players don't read as fast as those in pc's, simplay because they don't normally need to. That doesn't matter much when reading standard dvd's, but for compressed images (particularly on cd) it can be difficlut to achieve a high enough data transfer rate to meet the playback requirements.

    I've seen similar problems with files recorded on cd, but the problems have gone when I burnt the same files on dvd.
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    yeah dvds burned to cd's are generally not as good a quality as those burnt to dvd because as mentioned earlier they hold a lot more info per disc, freezing up on your dvd player could be as said dodgy discs the burner itself or software problems, to limit these problems update your burning software, burner firmware and try and keep as little software running as possible while burning discs, apps like enditall are great for killing software u dont need running.


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