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Thread: I cant uninstall Star Wars republic commando.

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    When i try to uninstall this game, i get this error:

    someone please help.

    sorry for the error in the topic title...
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    Try reinstalling then unistall thru add/remove or the programs native uninstaller.

    Then make sure to delete its folder in c:/ and run a regcleaner .
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    You might want to change your title

    I can uninstall Star Wars republic commando.
    Someone might say. "Woah good for you".

    But if you can't uninstall it, just delete all the files in Program Files, and use a registry cleaner, and then use a program to delete the entry in Add-Remove Programs, restart, and its just like you uninstalled the program.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Formula1
    sorry for the error in the topic title...
    Changed now...


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