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Thread: IM Solutions in the Office.

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    Alot of SA are blocking the major IM networks in office environments. I was wondering if there were any alternative solutions or ways to get around this besides

    I remember the good old days of BBS where one person could just use Telix and dialup the other person and chat and even share files. I don't need a whole list of people to conference with, just good ol one on one chatting.

    Is there any IM/chatting software that can do this nowadays without going through a network or server? It seems like a very simple thing to do. Are there software where you can directly connect to another peer, like the way you connect to a FTP server by simply keying in their IP address. I've search for ages on and softpedia with no luck. Perhaps someone here knows of someway.


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    Just curious if youve tried any of the Online Live Chat rooms that some forums have...

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    If i can't use messenger i lie to use
    looks and works just like msn 7 but it's web based.

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    Actually I'm more looking more a direct connection kind of communication software without any third party/server and stuff like that. It's just weird and unbelievable that there is none around.

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    There is, which is java-based I think, no software or anything, just load the page and log in.
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    Hmm that's like eMessenger for AIM.

    I'm still trying to look for a solution on this but no luck.


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