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Thread: MSN Virus Wont Let Me Login

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    just recently my younger brother got a virus over msn that automatcally resends itself to all his contacts.

    i did a online scan from pandoras site and it found the virus so i got rid of it (i hope). after i restarted the computer it will go the the login screen but everytime i click my username it logs in and out over 2 seconds.

    is there a way i can get back on?

    oh and if i wipe the C:\ partition can still access the files from my X:\ drive

    i also tried safe mode

    please help

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    ummm the virus probbly changed your msn's connection settings like TCP and PROXY...thats most likely how the virus would work....then again i just got a error and i couldn't login either..check the server status..

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    i have no idea how to do that, can you explain?

    thanks for your help

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    you probably know wich virus it was (probably the one with jenny lopez and the frog in the blender....)

    Check there is probably a removal tool for it. This way you be more sure it's gone

    good luck with it

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    what won't login? windows, or msn?

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    sorry i should of said this earlier but i can't login to windows.

    what can i do to get back in?


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