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Thread: Usenet Software

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    Does anyone know of any decent Usenet readers? I'm not too keen on utilizing M$ Outlook for that crap, as it always screws up on me. Danke!

    Free would be preferable as well
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    Forte's Free Agent is the freeware version of Agent, the most popular client. Serials, keygens and cracks for Agent are almost common enough to fall over in the street.

    Gravity is no longer developed by Microplanet but there are people working on it and releasing what is known as SuperGravity. The last official version was v2.5 and freeware but the updated version is v2.6 and handles yEnc.

    Personally, I've always preferred Gravity over Agent for its superior threading engine. It's certainly streets better than FreeAgent.

    For binaries:

    Christ there are many and right now I can only think of three. Newsleecher and Newsgrabber are very popular but I like NewsbinPro. I bought it at a time when it was further ahead of the field than it is now but from what I've heard it still leads the pack.

    NBP will connect to many servers at the same time, collect parts of posts from different servers if all aren't available on one, and will max out your connection. It'll allow you to specify where to download to and can detect if you've downloaded a file before then move on to the next one.

    Hope this helps.
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    Muchos gracias!

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    I used GrabIt for a very long time as its got a very easy user interface and is freeware although intended for binaries. Ive recently switched over to Newsleecher is by far a much better client in many ways. As for text I have no issues with Outlook at all...
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