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Thread: Noob needs some advice please

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    Hi, just wondered if anyone knows if its normal for bit torrent to work like this.. When I first connect, i usually get 80-100kps, but after about 5 minutes, it only downloads for say a minute @ a lot slower rate, then drops vertically uploading and downloading for a minute and then starts again. the stats screen looks like _/\__/\__ The funny thing is, if i restart azureus, then i get the 100kps again for 5 or so mins. Not the best if the pc is left unattended!

    And help gratefully received

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    Generally a peak is normal but only for a few seconds. It sounds like you are getting banned or your ul is choking you dl. What is your ul set to as it should be no higher than about 80% of your connection...

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    the peaks aren't fluctuations, they drop like a stone to 0kps on both ul and dl. i tried to limit my ul speed as you suggested, but no joy. Its as if i lose connection, as dls from all the trackers just stop at once. I've a 1 meg adsl connection and connect to the net through an adsl router via the network card.

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    You may need to setup port forwarding, are the torrents in Green or Yellow status...
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    green, occasionally blue

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    Have you tried a different client as test on the same torrents perhaps just to rule out client ban perhaps...

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    No I've not, I've only ever used azureus, didnt realise that different clients worked in different ways. What do you recomend?

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    My main client is also Azerus and my secondary client has been Torrentstorm although its development has been halted at so perhaps some others could make some suggestions or Ive linked a copy if you want to try it...
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    my system obviously doesnt like azureus. torrentstorm is working a treat. Thank you

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