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Thread: Just Hooked Up S-video Out, And I Am Speechless!

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    I cannot believe the quality of the dvd rips on my parents big screen tv(Sony 61" HDTV with bose surround sound) It took a while to get all the wireing straight, but it was well worth it. All I have is a measy 32mb nvida card w/ a s-video out, and it does a very very good job. I can't inmagine what a 128mb raedon card would do! I felt like I was at the movies, the only flaw would be when the movie's sound reached a high point, i guess pitch or treble (I'm not a expert so I do not really know) it made a poping noise -it was very rare this happened, and i am sure there is some way of getting rid of it, but otherwise I am sold.

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    i doubt that a 128mb video card would make much of a difference at all. however, you're correct to believe that a radeon might have better tv support, as ATI has a very good history of overall visual quality and tv support... while Nvidia has usually had faster 3D game rendering but hit-or-miss image quality (color accuracy, sharpness, etc).

    not to try to be all "i'm right & you're wrong, nyah nyah"... but don't worry about the amount of video card memory. 32mb or 128mb shouldn't have any effect on movie playback. the amount of memory basically only affects the card's speed in 3D video games.

    but congratulations on getting your tv-output up & running. i enjoy watching downloaded files on my teevee as well. beats sitting in front of the comp all night long, for sure.


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