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Thread: Verified D/l Links Help!

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    I recently d/l kazaa lite and at first I was able to d/l files off of the web page with verified d/l s. Well recently I click on d/l and it says kazaa will d/l it but all I get is a searching message on every file I d/l from their site. But when I do a norm search through kazaa lite I can d/l anything without a problem. So my question is, is it my computer settings or is their site down? Does anyone know of any ideas to help me.And I have disabled fw and tried it also still no help.

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    Thats probably because the verified file U'r trying to download doesnt have any sources at the moment..U can download when you search, because the results represent ppl who are online and have that file available for downlaod...unlike a hash, wich "waits" for someone to come online with that specific file

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