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Thread: Amityville Horror? (the new one)

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    Amityville Horror

    I imagine it'd be either really good or really crap.

    that's usually the case with remakes.

    Anyone seen it? is it worth seeing?

    see ya

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    Tago Mago's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +1
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    Apr 2005
    I was curious about this as well, but the reviews aren't really inspiring me to see it and the trailer looks a bit meh.

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    well, the original wasn't really any good, to start with. that should be a clue. Amityville (1979) was a pretty lame, unexciting haunted house novel + movie that sold like hotcakes 'cause they were advertised as being a "true story." 'cept it wasn't really a true story... the true part was that these people (the Lutz family) bought a house where the previous owners (the DeFeo family) had been murdered by their son, the Lutzes lived there for one month, then they moved out.

    and they wrote a ridiculous book about how the house was possessed by Satan, Indian spirits, a DEMONIC PIG lurking outside the window, grape jelly oozing out of the walls. that part was a hoax, all of the haunting stuff.

    it wouldn't be difficult for the remake to be better than such a crappy original, but it'd require some kind of miracle for it to be really GOOD, considering the quality of the "true story" they're working with.

    but i haven't seen this remake. i suppose if you wanna watch a family get chased around their house by ghosts and a demon pig and such, without much emphasis on a coherent & motivated story, then maybe it'll be your sort of thing.
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    It's a long time since I saw the original, and I can't remember whether it was quietly eerie, or just a bit dull. I think possibly the latter.

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    Umm, ok movie. Ryan Reynolds was funny as always. Great movie to take a girl to :-p

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    heard mixed reviews same say its better then the original

    but of course Ive also read the same problem that always is the case with remakes

    too much focus on special effects and shit and not much focus on characters!! they used to have personalties characters look at star wars

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    Yeah, I thought it was hilarious that the trailer was touted as a "true" story when the Lutzes ADMITTED that they made it all up to make some cash. So it's based on a true-made-up story? How does that work? Heh.

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    I'm going to see it tomorrow anyway, there isn't many good movies out right now.

    Anyone in here a Jimeoin fan, they seen his new movie "the extra" or something?

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    I'm watchin this movie tonight.

    "I'll be here... I'll be 'waiting' I'll be waiting... for you ... so... If you come here... You'll find me. I promise..."

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    I haven't seen the old one in quite some time and have yet to see the new one. One guy at work said it sucked and one guy on TeamSpeak said it rocked....I'll wait till the DVD.

    The FST group

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