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Thread: Audio crackles / distorted help

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    Hey there, can someone please help me.

    Lately, everytime i play a mp3 on my pc, the sound crackles. it would play ok for 2 seconds then crackles. I mean erm, like static/distorted etc, if ya get me. I tried playing dvd's, avi's on my pc and theres no problem. Well, most of the time there's no problem except now and again regarding vids.

    I went into Gspot and looked at my codecs (the 'all codecs and filters' bit) and found i had loads and loads! As they are color coded, i saw that some codecs had a problem according to gspot.

    I'm not sure what soundcard i have and hope i dont need to do anything to my hardware as i'm hoping this is just a codec problem.

    Can someone place tell me how to clean my pc from the codecs? Do codecs go out of date? I ask this as i've only ever downloaded the full klite codec pack (probably about 18 months - 2 years ago), the divx (i think) and any codecs that come with software.

    What is the best way to solve my crackling audio problem? Do i need to uninstall all my codecs and get the latest ones....if so how and where?

    Help is appreciated. I dont know much about codecs. I hope someone can point me in the right direction.


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    do you have a VIA motherboard? it's a very common problem, try searching for it on Google.

    the fix that works for me is turning down the wave volume in Volume Control to below half
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    jabby85, try this link to sherlock
    this program will place codec's broken in Red text in the list that you have installed.

    sometime you may just need a update , just think back...did you
    install something new?

    response to your question will be slow...members are trying out new arcade
    site that just opened and they are discovering old games.

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