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Thread: Problem With Mafia Patch

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    I download mafia and the no cd crack from kazaa. I had the usual problem of the game crashing while loading the next level. I now have the mafia patch, but once I installed it and tried to play the game I get a prompt that comes up and says "bad versinon-engine:393 client:384". Does anyone have a solution to this problem. Or is that patches don't work with downloaded games.

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    The patch will most certanly not work if you downloaded a rip, however if u downlaoded the cd image (i.e: .bin and .cue files, .iso file, .img and .ccd.....) the patch will work, but U will have to get a new no-CD crack for each patch U apply...and don't get the nocd's off Kazaa, 99% of them are viruses, go to , or for decent cracks


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