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Thread: Ares Lite refuses to finish my download

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    Ok, I'm downloading a 700MB file with Ares Lite. The file is 99% done, only trouble is, it keeps re-downloading the last chunk over and over.

    There is 2MB left, and still 1 person downloading off me, so there is 1 upload. Ares will not finish the file, unless there are no uploads. The stupid thing finishes the last 2MB, then removes 2MB from the file, and starts downloading it again! It's been doing that for like 30 minutes now! As long as there is an upload, Ares will redownload the last chunk over and over and over. What should I do?!

    EDIT: Ok now there are no uploads but it won't finish! ArrrghhhH!!!!

    EDIT 2: Ok I got really pissed off, paused the download, and closed Ares. I renamed the file and yeah, thats it. Seems to play fine, I guess. Glad thats over with, any idea why it kept redownloading the last bit?
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    it could be because no one was sharing the whole file, or the one person with all of it was sending bad data


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