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Thread: Router issues?

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    Went round a friends house on friday to set up his P2P and forward ports and what not (Lynksy Wireless router & NTL 300k Broadband) all went well we left it downloading and went out. We came back maybe 4 hours later and nothing was working, no pc in his whole network was connected to the net, even his second computer than was connected by CAT5 Cable didn't work. No website would ping. I tried getting into the router settings ( in IE (didnt work in FF for some reason) and IE gave some bullshit you are not connected do you want to work offline or try and connect so it wouldn't let me get into the router settings. Tried refreshing the router, pc's, modem everything.

    Anyone got any ideas?

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    connect a wire from the router to the pc and then try to go to the router settings
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    His second pc is connected via Ethernet, trying to get into the router settings in IE just does fuck all on that pc. On his other pc (wireless one) typing it comes up with Would you like to connect and if you click Connect and then when it says it cannot connect you click stay offline you can get into the router settings but othing you change is saved. Im stuck for ideas. His ISP is NTL (Cable) He has a Lynksy wireless router (not sure which one) and 2 of his PC's (wireless) are both identicle Dells (2.8Ghz, 512mb ram) and his third pc (connected via wires) is a Mesh (1.2Ghz, quite old)

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    The router could be defective , i'd recommend getting a new router since i had a problem withmy other linksys befw11s4. It disconnected after like 30 minutes of use, and also had the firmware update.

    But first, I'd reccommend getting the latest firmware,. And i'd try to connect the modem directly to the pc to see if it would stay connected. If these doesnt work, i'd recommend calling the linksys techsupport.
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    Heh, I had to set up NTL broadband for a customer and it was a PITA. His connected to the CableTV STB and the PC needed to be registered with that.
    I don't know why connectivity should be lost, but I'd run the network setup wizard and then try setting up the STB for the router.
    You could phone NTL TechSupport to see if they can tell you whether the STB is registering a LAN connection.
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    Well i phoned him last night and offered a few new ideas, none of them worked and then i told him to setup the network as new. If that doesn't work i'll go arround his house and try what you guys susgested. Its wierd thought because the router was fine as i configured his ports and was working and downloadin as we left and he came back 4 hours later and it wasn't.


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