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Thread: The Wire season 1

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    I'm hearing rave reports on The Wire, and some of it's written by one of my fave crime writers, George Pelacanos, so I think I need to check it out. Any torrent sites out there where I can get season 1 episodes, or maybe the season 1 dvd, which I think is out now?

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    Season 1 and 3 are very good.

    Season 2 was so-so.

    Season 1 focused solely on the streets of Baltimore, MD (about 30 miles from where I live).

    Season 2 focused on the streets and the Baltimore dock workers (unions and shit).

    Season 3 focused on the streets and the workings of the mayor's office and the city council.

    It was pretty slick how they related everything back to the streets of Baltimore.
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