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    I already made up my mind and downloaded xp, but when I click on it or try to run it nothing happens. Am i supposed to run it a different way, any suggestions will help thanks.

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    Oh yeah I forgot, it took most of my space on computer, and i was wondering when installed will it take up more space? is it going to delete old files? can I delete the installer?

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    What is the specs of your PC. XP likes to have plenty of ram,........... 128mb is the rock bottom minimum, 256mb is prefered, & 512mb or more is even better. You should also have a decent processor of 1.0 or faster IMO. Also................. if you want XP,........ you should definitely do a clean install.

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    The file you downloaded may have an exe extension on it but it it's probably an iso image with the wrong extension, that's why nothing happens when you click on it. Some people on P2p (like Kazaa) do that so "programs" will be found.

    You need to use winrar to read the iso content and extract all the files to a separate directory. You will need a lot of disk space to store the uncompressed files. Once the files are uncompressed you can run the setup program but you will also need extra space even if you install over top of your current OS.

    When I installed my xp I kept my Win98se on a separate HD so I could dual boot but that also meant I needed more HD space and I had to reinstall all my apps for XP. The advantage though is that a clean install of all my apps means that I know that they work under XP and I have no junky old drivers left in my system directory.


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