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Thread: My Abit NF7-S2

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    I was just looking for anyone with similar expieriences with abit motherboards dieing for no reason, and there rma service. However I came home one day and found my computer off, and it wouldn't boot up again.

    So I tested and retested every single component, reset cmos, different moniters, nada!

    I called ABIT, I was a little pissed off that they don't have 24 hour help, but whatever, I called again the next day and he told me to go on line and get an rma number, so I said I would and hung up. A second later it occured to me, yeah ill just turn my computer on and go right to abits website. That pissed me off more.

    But all is resolved now, I am posting from my new motherboard. I sent them mine in the mail, 8.50 shipping because they require a confirmation and whatnot, they sent out a new one just about the day it arrived with them via ups and I had another motherboard on my doorstep.

    Just a few otherthings that pissed me off, the box that they shipped it in was an old motherboard box turned inside out and taped with white. Also they wanted to charge me 25$ for not having my invoice, witch was just as hard to get as the rma number considering I had no computer.

    All in all i'm happy, anyone else have similar expierences with abit, or did I just have a few things wrong that pissed me off because I'm me?

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    We RMA motherboards all the time and ABITis no worse than anyone else.
    I always have an invoice so the paperwork is no problem.
    Odd that you should mention the box...we return boards in plain white boxes AND keep all the cables, manuals, etc. because they never send them back.
    I think they're worried about people reselling them as new units or something.

    Gigabyte is easily the best company to deal with.
    They cross-ship and always send out the full retail package.
    Right now they are my favorite motherboard company.

    Actually, considering the amount of fraud and consumer sleaziness ( "Oh no, it NEVER powered up ever! It was broken out of the box..."), RMAing is is easier than I would have guessed.
    I've never had a request denied, and some companies (Newegg comes to mind) have exceeded their responsibilities and warranteed items they really didn't have to.

    You may have considered it PITA, but you did end up with a working board, right?
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    i bought an A-Bit NF7 just before x-mas and it crapped itself on the first boot
    next morning i called the retailer and had a grizzle and 2 days later an A-Bit KW7 arrived in the mail, all cables, manuals etc. in a new box
    this arrived before i returned the dead one
    i thought that was good customer service, retailer organised it all though,
    i never contacted A-Bit.
    have had no probs with the KW7


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