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Thread: Tmpgenc Question

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    Feb 2003
    Ok Ive managed to break a 120min movie to 80min CDR is it possible to break a 2 hr movie to CDr for ect Two Tower its a pain in the ass making it 2 disks

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    i don't think so.... it will damege the quality....
    and it too big to fit the cd
    but try, who knows maybe u can do it.......

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    Mar 2003
    Sorry m8 i i'm quite sure wat ur saying?
    going by ur post header tmpeg do u mean fit a
    full movie on 1 cdr(vcd)

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    Like CosmoK I have the same ????

    but if that is what you are asking then this site says that you can using these templates for tmpgenc

    Kwag's Templates


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