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    people are downlaoding from that website but i cant it sometimes loads and loads left it for 20 minutes but then after that nothing then sometimes it goes to page error in internet explorer and i cant get any files can anyone help me?? please

    also i just downloaded kazaa lite today love it and it is so cool!!!!!!

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    I dont know!!!!!!!!
    Welcome to the forum

    The Sharereactor site is slow (but very good) mainly because it is just busy,
    and has one or two pop-ups.
    I tend to stick to KaZaa rather than E-mule for that very reason.

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    Try it late at night (U.S. time).

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    just refresh a few times that does the trick for me

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    you can't "download" from their site, they have hashs that work with emule like it does with our kazaa. The slow process while loading their site is due to number of users accessing it as the same time you are. Once you login, look how many people online, its over 2000 or so, maybe more not sure. This has nothing to do with your computer or anything else, its simply due to the large amout of users accessing the site. I myself like kazaa and emule plus, I don't use anything much then that. The muilt-scource thing is the only thing drives me to use these programs, so i don't depend on one user when downloading anything. Their site is DAILY updated, highly suggest you view it when you can, also this forum as well, never forget to come back here.



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