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Thread: Pinnacle, how good is it?

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    Just for fun,
    I've heard of this software form here and there,
    so far I know it's for video editing, but even on theyr website, I can't find
    answers I like,
    like how good is it?, what kind of editing can I do with it?,
    what video formats does it handle?, or, does it support DivX and Xvid?
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    i've got Pinnacle Liquid 6...

    it's hardcore, meant for editing HD television. runs about $1000. plugins can cost $500.

    although, ahem...there is a cracked version. but it requires a little PC knowledge to properly get it to work(multiple serial entries required, ability to control your internet connection, apply patches, etc.).

    i installed it and found that you need a PC that does perform well due to the type of video manipulating you can do with it.

    i have yet to really get to know it any better then that.

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    I got Pinnacle Studio 9 and its really good. Great program for movie editing. It can do the basic editing and crap with a whole bunch of advance stuff. You can learn it on ur own, but u probably wont learn all the cool stuff. But meh,its good enough if ya not going to be professional (although i know some people that use Pinnacle Studio and are professional)
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