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Thread: Port fowarding with DI-604 & mIRC

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    Im dealing with an old problem that wont go away....when i try to send out a dcc transfer, it doesnt work. i can received a transfer but I cant send anything out. I've tried it without connecting to my router and i can send and receive properly.

    ive set up my ports properly (forward ports 2070-2075). i've tried different ranges as well (higher and lower port numbers) and still no luck. and im using mirc 6.16 and a di-link 604 wired router.

    i followed the advice posted on another forum and went to »

    i played with the settings and went » no luck !

    it fixed the problem initially (using the dlink site) but after one reboot the same thing happened. i cant connect and send files but i can receive them. any idea what is happening. i dont have a software firewall, running windows xp pro (firewall disabled).

    any clues,thoughts or where i can turn to for help ?


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    Take a look at the attachments and if that dosent work you can also try opening TCP 113 and TCP 6667 in Virtual Server perhaps. I think the problem is by opening only 2070 - 2075 is that you are hoping that the other end is the same and though generally now accepted as the norm its still not a sure thing. Aslo I dont suggest leaving that broad of a range open att all times as I only do so when need be and then close it back up...
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    thanks, your suggestions helped.

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    everything was working great until yesterday when i had the same trouble come back to haunt me. im not sure what im doing wrong but ive included screen shots of mirc and my router firmware so someone can figure out this little mystery and settle it once and for all !
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    Perhaps if theres more than one computer on that router you may be jumping IP and not be on so you shopuld check that first. I would recomend that you also set windows to a static IP like so that its not dynamic and jumping around perhaps on reboots and shutdowns based on whats available. Once youve done that set all your router info to match then...
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    Yeah, be sure to set a static IP address for your computer.


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