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Thread: Database ERD Help

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    I have to find the entities in this scenario and i have done some but was wondering if anyone could find anymore or if i have everything if its not too much trouble. This is the scenario and below the entities i have done so far.

    Customers come to the travel agency to arrange a variety of holiday trips. A
    sales consultant deals with each customer for a particular trip, and records
    their details. Customer number is a unique identifier of the customer, and
    each customer has a full name, address and phone number. A customerís full
    name consists of title, surname and forename.
    The sales consultant will then advise the customer of possible trip alternatives
    and make any bookings on the customer's behalf. To do this, the sales
    consultant may refer to a variety of flight timetables and a list of hotels.
    Each holiday booking is identified by a unique booking id. Each customer can
    make any number of holiday bookings, but each holiday booking is for one
    customer only. The booking date and total cost are stored for each holiday
    booking. The travel agency constructs a holiday booking by booking one or
    more flights and zero, one or more hotels.
    When a hotel is booked for a particular trip, the check-in date, duration of stay (in days) and room type (e.g. single, double, twin) are also recorded.
    travel agency keeps a list of hotels. The details held of each hotel include a
    unique hotel id, hotel name, address and one or more telephone numbers.
    A flight booking is made with one airline. The travel agency keeps a list of
    airlines and the scheduled flights offered by each airline. Each airline is
    identified by a unique airline number, and has an airline name (e.g. British
    Airways, KLM, Lufthansa), telephone number and fax number. Each
    scheduled flight is identified by a unique scheduled flight code. The following
    details are recorded for each scheduled flight: starting airport, destination
    airport, departure date, departure time and flight duration (in minutes). The
    travel agency also keeps details of all the airports. The details stored for each
    airport include an airport code (e.g. LAX for Los Angeles, BCN for Barcelona),
    airport name (e.g. Amsterdam Schiphol, London Stansted), country and
    telephone number.

    When a scheduled flight is booked as part of a customerís holiday booking,
    the travel agency also records the booking date and class (e.g. first class,
    business class, economy class).
    As it is important for the travel agency to keep a record of all payments
    received, the following details are stored: payment date, the corresponding
    holiday booking id and mode of payment (e.g. cash, cheque, credit card).

    Each payment is assigned a unique payment number. The customer has to
    make a single full payment for a particular holiday booking. If the customer
    does not pay in full within two weeks, the booking is cancelled.

    Customer, Sales Consultant, Bookings, Airline, Payment, Hotel Reservations and Travel Agency.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Flametongue
    I have to find the entities in this scenario
    Entity's what? His codecs
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    It's an entity relationship diagram (a way of modelling things like computer systems) they need help with. I should really know what to do with these since I studied them a few months ago but I've forgotten most of it


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