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Thread: hard disk drives

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    Hey, after i bought my computer, i saw that there is another hardisk drive other than C, it is called D. I looked in it and there are 4 files in it. THey are CHOICE(MS DOS Application), GHOST (MS DOS icon), IMAGE.GHO, RECOVER (MS DOS Batch File). It has been like 2 years since i bought this computer, and i never deleted it cause i thought it was part of windows or something. But i checked when it was last used and it dated back to 2 years. SO i was wondering if i could delete it.

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    It sounds like some kind of hd back up where its divided part of you hd into a seperate drive Best make a copy of it or in xp create a restore point before deleting. I don't think its a crucial part of windows if its not on your c drive in your system files.

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    Its a backup of Windows i think, you can burn the files somehow (if you tell us the exact filenames we can help) and it will create a Windows XP cd so that if your computer ever has a virus or crashes you can restore your pc quickly. Companies such as Dell & HP add these files so that they don't have to provide youw ith a Windows Xp cd and make you make your own, cutting down on there costs. Its fine to delete it as long as you have a working Windows XP cd available.


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