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Thread: Hindi Movies

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    I want to download Hindi Movies, could someone help

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    WTF R hindi movies??? is that porn :S

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    Originally posted by marine_aart@7 April 2003 - 14:36
    WTF R hindi movies??? is that porn :S
    Sorry marine_aart.. you are getting on my nerves!!
    Just answer to a topic if you have something to say that helps!

    Don't just reply to raise your posts!!!!!

    Denk daar effe overna!

    See ya!

    And to Kirsty.. sorry I know some Hindi movies but they are not (hot) you know what i mean right?
    It's big in Bollywood but they just are not hot enough to rip from DVD (if there are any?) sure there must be some..
    Just ask around... maybe some are downloadable?

    Somebody just have to love them enough to make a rip from it! But still there would not be so many sources, so downloading would takes ages!
    I'm still looking for Amar Akbar Anthony.. you know it right?

    Good Luck!

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    I'm looking for hindi movies too.

    I just downloaded Kabhi kushi kabhi gham.. That was OK as 3 people had good download speeds

    I am currently trying Devdas and that is taking a while...

    I am now trying to see if there are anyothere sites which might allow you to download hindi movies , but I can't find anything yet.

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    Hey im into hindi movies too i've almost downloaded mohabbatein which is a great movie but it's taking me a while though.

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    i watched devdas pretty crazy movie

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    we should get some brown person to put some hindi/urdu movies on
    fast track

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    Hey I heard Devdas is a good movie, but unfortunately Kazaa only has 322X288 in 2X800mb file, i dont think it's worth the trouble to download it, wether they have english subtitle is still unknown, so forget it.

    indian people dont seem to use kazaa much huh?

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    Bend it like Beckham, GOOOOD movie. It has some A+ Bollywood actors too.

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    Actually I know quite a few indian's which use kaza... me included..!!!but not all of them like indian movies

    I am looking for kuch kuch hota hai.. but no luck

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