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Thread: Problem With Codecs.

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    Ok so I downloaded Antitrust.avi DvD Rip.

    On the pc I downloaded it on, Windows XP with full install of codec pack (including bsplayer) it worked fine, looked sharp, had good sound.

    Transferred it to a local pc here which has Win2k, the same codecs and players, works fine.

    Formatted the XP machine, put 2k on, installed the codec pack and bsplayer, transferred the movie back to it, try to play, no sound. the whole movie is there but no sound.

    Take the movie and try to play in AVI Preview, works, with sound, but the movie is only 40 some minutes long!

    Please help if you can

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    Fixed my own problem!

    Downloaded the DIVX player and worked fine in there, I'll leave this posted in case someone comes across the same problem.


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