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Thread: Converting Avi's?

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    i'm very new to all this file sharing buisness and i am having a nightmare converting avi files to mpeg. i have tried all types of converters, mainly the easy avi converter and tmpeg converter both of which worked only once each. now i get loads of different error codes from the tmpeg when i try to convert and the easy avi doesn't give any error codes, it just does nothing! i have uninstalled all codecs and converters and started again. anyone got any ideas??

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    Ok install first K-Lite Codec Pack and then follow these guides:

    Convert DivX to VCD

    If your movie is in Xvid,then you have to change some settings in TMPGEnc
    Change settings in TMPGEnc to convert a Xvid to VCD

    If the movie has AC3 sound,then you have to convert the AC3 to wave
    Convert a DivX/Xvid movie with AC3 sound to wave

    You will find all these guides and all help you need in this website:
    VCD Help,and much more


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