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Thread: Downloaded software, said disk 1 of 6 iso in rar format... How to use?

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    I downloaded a learnkey software instructional cd in rar format. When I unzip the file, it basically brings me to the contents of the cd, not any kind of disk image to burn ect. However, to run the program requires that a disk be in the actual drive. Is there a way to burn the contents of this rar file as some kind of bootable disk image, or is there another method I am missing. Thanks so much in advance!

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    from the sound of it....
    you have winrar installed, and set to associate with ISO files
    in which case you will see the rar icon on the file, but its an ISO
    have you opened up your burning app and tried to see if it can handle the archive?
    (assuming you have an app that handles ISO files)

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    I'm not sure what other apps you are referring to, but if there is one I need to get these files to work, I would love the advice. I have alcohol, and nero. As far as I can tell, these files are winrar files, that once unzipped open to a page of files, that would be exactly what you would see if you were to look at the contents of the disk if it were in the drive. I'm trying to figure out how to get the contents, back into a disk image to either mount or burn. There must be a way, as there are a lot of these files going around. Thanks for the imput...

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    who me?
    use nero to burn those "rar" files. just because they look like and open with winrar, doesnt mean they are rar files. they are probably actually .iso files, but you have winrar associated with them. open nero and point to one of them and see if it will burn it. Do you follow what I mean? I just re-worded what fkdup74 said before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by McrslV
    I just re-worded what fkdup74 said before.

    but yeah, alcohol and nero handle ISO files
    if you already un-rared the archive, and deleted the original,
    it's no longer an ISO, you will have to re-create the ISO
    use nero for that, or, even better, UltraISO
    (if you havent deleted the original archive, point nero or alcohol to that archive)
    see if that works for ya


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