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Thread: As of today bds-palace site opened up again. for updates

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    As of today bds-palace site opened up again.

    You may ask why now well there is a major reason behind it and i cannot disclose fully why but lets say i aint sold out far from it.

    An article with all details will be on p2pnet this weekend?

    Once this happens its all guns blazing as they say in the wild west.

    Once again im urging you all to support us in our fight be it donations banner clicks or just posting good luck in the forum.

    The main reason i closed site was down to hate mail from fellow file sharers and the bad press we got on other forums saying we were scamming.
    That is far from the truth.

    Give us a visit were fighting not just for us but everyone.

    Were also looking to get the forums active feel as if you can take a moderators job there which would mean just posting news and general running of forum.

    Thanks bairdoid and hawthy

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    Down already

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    no up if your not getting on its dns not fully updated yet


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