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Thread: My Edonkey is too slow!!

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    Howdie everyone,

    Basically i have got a cable connection to the net and i am using edonkey. I have gotten files to download with the availability at like around the maximum availabilty level, but yet i only seem to download at 3-6kbps max. I tested it at my friends house and she was downloading at excellent speeds. A file that i've been trying to download for a week and i am only at 50mb all up she downaloaded in a day and the file is 1.63gb does anyone have any suggestions as to why i am running so slow.

    Thanks anf g

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    do you have lowID?
    that will limit the number of sources you can connect to

    are you limiting your upstream to under 80% max?
    if it's too high it will saturate your upstream and cause lag for your acknowladgement packets

    are you limiting your upstream to under 10Kb?
    there is a ratio imposed if set under 10-20KB (depending on what client you use)

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    Your max connections settings could be an issue as well. It's quite low by default, you should set it to at least 250 to get sources more quickly.

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    Do you know how fast your internet connection is?

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    What should I change to have faster downloads?

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    Get the new edonkey version 1.2.1 . It works a whole lot better than the 1.1 and the 1.1.13
    Make your files the smallest possible to share. If you don't you how I recomend DR. DivX. It will do it for you. We don't want to have to dl that 2.5 gig sh*t for a movie or 2 SVCD's. SMALLEST FORMAT ALWAYS!!!!!!

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    im getting slower speeds on the new one!

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    just, either:
    1) If you are behind a router, open the ports 4662 TCP 4672 UDP, and you should get High ID instantly (this happened with me)

    2) If you are NOT behind a router, and still are LowID for unknown reasons, grab yourself a MULE ->
    hope this helps you man

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    There is a way to know if my ISP is limiting the speed???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abel6376
    There is a way to know if my ISP is limiting the speed???
    yeah ask them! why cant you people jst read the faq at emules site and all ur problems can be solved. they have their faq in the simplest terms!


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