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Thread: Sims Unleashed Exist?

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    Hi, been wanting to play Sims Unleashed for months...can't find anything but warcraft, hooligans, black and white, and metal sick of those. Anyone tell me if it atleast exists so I can keep my eye on the prize?

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    check at

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    yea its their, search for the hashes on the forum, all of the expansion packs are their, i dwloded vacation and its works fine for me

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    yes it is out there, it is a .bin file. CD1 & CD2.

    in kazaa lite search all media and type SIMS UNLEASHED and tick the box to auto search, it will eventully come up. if not Type SIMS.UNLEASHED .BIN.


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    Well, I realized when I searched this site for Unleashed, I was accidently only searching like one post, not the whole site...needless to say I found it...
    Now I got my .bin but it's not working right. Normally I open or convert with win iso then mount with daemon. It wont open with ISO and isnt a zip. So what do I do with it? Just straight burn it?

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    U can "straight burn it" if U have a .cue file to go with it (or not, but it will probably not work if u don't have the cue file), or U can try to open it with ISOBuster, wich i find to be a great little progg for this kinda stuff ..or the .bin file is corrupted


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