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Thread: DVDr

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    Feb 2003
    I want to buy a new pack.....for back-up of course!

    Anyway, not only are there too many places to choose to buy from, there are also too many choices of which ones to buy and the prices vary ridiculously.

    So I thought I would ask the experts on here.

    I want free shipping (UK)
    I want cheap
    I want quality

    Don't want much do I?

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    Mar 2003
    Unfortunately, you have a problem.

    I have seen all sorts of incompatability problems with DVD media, although the situation is improving.
    The big box stores around here like to use discs as a know, "Special Sale! 50 for $10", but you never know what you are getting or whether it will work.
    The Phillips branded discs I got at just such a sale have been fine for data backup on both my Samsung and Plextor drives, but your results may vary.

    I know nothing about retailers over that side of the pond, so good luck.
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    Im pretty sure they ship to UK. But I use

    Get their Sonic 1-2x media. It actually burns at 4x and has great compatability. Ive used it on alot of xboxs and have 300+ burns for xbox with no problems. No problems with ps2 games or dvd-r movies either. And only $23
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    I just bought a 100 stack for 22bucks and Ive bought the cheapest ones before, burnt dvds for people, xbox games, programs everything, only 1 coaster, and its actually being used as a coaster.

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    Ive bought a stack as cheap as 50 for $5 although I like to stick with TDK at around 50 for $15 generally...

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    i usually buy my blank discs from eBuyer, they're not free delivery but i buy in bulk and with a few other things to justify the cost

    i think 25 discs for 5 is a good price
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    Sara - I always get my media from

    Unfortunately they took off my favourite brand, Verbatim & Memorex and are currently selling Maxell and I haven't tried them with my burner.

    I normally go for DVD-R, rather than +R but they stock both in any case.

    Here are some links... (25 For 9.99 DVD-R) (25 For 9.99 DVD+R)

    Free P&P On Everything

    I also get my DVD's from here too. Let me know what you think

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    Feb 2003
    Thanks for the tips guys...going to give Samurai's free delivery place a go ...Will let you know how I get on.

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    Feb 2003
    Princo DVD-r 4X


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