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Thread: Problem wit Cookies

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    I was tryin to watch some stuff on MTV's new online channel: and while some videos work others dont, in the sense that I can hear the audio but cant see the video. I noticed at the bottom of my internet explorer bar that theres this little button wit a "-" sign, so I clicked on it and it shows that some cookies are being blocked. So I put it so that ALL COOKIES are allowed and I still cant see some videos. The videos work randomly work. I also typed in the site in the "Allow Cookies From This Site" box, and still no luck.

    Wat can I do to allow all cookies...because the cookies are still being blocked.

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    In Internet Explorer :
    - Tools
    - Internet Options
    - Privacy
    - At the bottom on "Web Sites", click "Change"
    And then choose a site and REMOVE from block list !

    OK ?


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