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Thread: WTF with teh C++ errors?

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    fkdup74's Avatar Pneuberator.
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    slsk ( just gave me some shit about a C++ runtime error in slsk.exe
    didnt write anything to the event log, just fuckin quit

    anyone else see these errors?
    fkd if I am goin into teh slsk forum to ask

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    havn't';t I already bitched about this 100 times before in the room??

    it is a programming error and only happens when you unshared a folder then re add the folder so that dumb ass 155 and above + version (the gay way of having to add folders so the stupid program too recognize your new shares) can recatgise your new shares

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    To Resolve The Problem Of The "c++ Runtime Error" In Emule, Just Clean Your Windows Registry With A Free Registry Cleaner, Make A Backup First !


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