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Thread: 2 Dvd On 1 Dvd+r(details inside)

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    hey guys i have 2 dvds.i ripped em using dvd decrypter.both are 1.5gb(confused here!)actully they r home vids on different dvds now i want them on one dvd with the menus?

    any ideas???

    sry for such a bad eng!

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    you could import the files into Tmpeg DVD author, and create your own menu?
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    you could rename all the .VOB files, in sequence,
    put em all in a folder called "VIDEO_TS"
    and use something like IFOEdit, VOBEdit, etc.
    to make a new menu structure, then burn it

    or theres teh TEMPGenc way like viv said
    (I only mentioned IFOEdit & VOBEdit cuz theyre free)
    if you dont have TEMPGenc, and cant be arsed to look for it,
    then a freeware solution has been provided for you
    or is TEMPGenc free?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vivitron 15
    you could import the files into Tmpeg DVD author, and create your own menu?

    Thats the way for you m8....easy to do just hit add dvd video button and away ya can add chapters and menu etc very easy to use m8.

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    You will have to rip both DVDs and re-author them. This may include creating new menus depending on your authoring.

    Nero, TEMPGenc, are just a few tools to author DVDs.

    If you can get away without menus, and just make a DVD, it's real simple.

    Gather up all your VOB files into one folder making sure to properly number them in the order you want them.

    Go here for a step-by-step guide, complete with screenshots...

    You will need VOBedit, and IFOedit. Both freely available at the above site.

    Tip: use videolan( to preview your VOB clips

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    thx guys all the three different solutions helped thx


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