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Thread: What is the best file sharing route to take?

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    Hi there peeps, been n the scene for a couple of years now and have tried a few......... started on audiogalaxy then hit kazaa then K-Lite. Had a go at mirc which i play with quite a bit. I have tried torrents using tornado but was very bandwidth hungry compared to the speeds i was getting. Any way a mate recommended "Limewire" I am maxxed out on mirc with tons of stuff going on lol and still getting 20+ which im impressed with seeing that mirc is running at 220+ (2MB/256kb Connection).

    Anyway to the question????

    What do you reckon is the best P2P out there? (speed and whats on offer) Plus do you have any guides to point me to for your method of choice?

    Thanx in advance peeps

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    I don't think that there are any single best P2P. It all rather depends on what you are after, what you find works best. Many people have their preferences.

    I use Bit Torrent Azureus client, emule and SoulSeek.

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    I use a mixture of bittorent and ares.Works fine for me.

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    Mostly DC++ (well, LDC++ to be correct), but bittorrent and soulseek from time to time.

    If you take the time to learn how DC++ works (it's not hard, really), and get connected to some nice hubs there is nothing better out there.
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    I use a couple too. E-mule for programs, Limewire pro for music. But Klite is good for hard to find music , but its a trade off, lots of fakes. So as others posted you be the judge . Try a few see what they offer, just be careful how you setup . There is a difference between leeching and being stupid.

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    Music: WinMX & Ares

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    I mainly use NewsGroups also and you can take a look at this Guide and at times BT, SoulSeek and eMule once in awile...

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    ABC (Another BitTorrent Client) for torrents...If you use NOD32, remember to exclude ABC's directory in IMON and AMON...I was getting ROYALLY mad until I googled around for a few hours.

    eMule and Limewire for various music singles.

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    Bitorrent for everything basically, and Ares for individual music files. They both work great

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