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Thread: Using Nfo. Files

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    I know how to open nfo. files and what they contain ( no cd cracks, etc) but how do i use it for a game.

    For example, i d/led American Conquest (bin. and cue.) and burned the cd. It installed properly, but when i try to play it it gives me a msg like "please insert correct cd" .

    Do i have to burn the nfo. file with the bin and cue file or can i just copy and paste sumthing from the nfo. into the directory for the game that i already created.

    If i do have to burn the cd over again, plz include some instructions cuz i'll probably be making a lot of coasters if i dont know how to burn. thx

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    nfo files doesnt include nocd cracks. They just include information for example a serial number.

    To play the game you need the no cd crack. It is either on the cd or you have to download it form the internet. has no cd cracks for most games.

    edit to say: Wrong section. I haven't noticed this earlier.

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    after i get eh noCD crack i opened it with winRAR, which file am i supposed to extract it to?
    Do i just extract it to the entire game folder and it will send it to teh correct folder, or am i supposed to send it to sume specific section?

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    ok if you have installed the game, all you need to do is extract the .exe that is in the .rar into the game directory onto your hdd, it should say do you want to replace the existing one, click yes and there you go a nocd cracked game.

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    Usually the No CD crack is just a replacement for the game's original .exe file. For example, if you normally start the game by double-clicking a file called 'conquest.exe' (I don't have this game so I don't know what it's really called), just over-write that file with the No CD version which should also be called 'conquest.exe'. Sometimes, however, the crack is actually a small program that you must place in the game's folder and double-click. Then it will change the executable so that it no longer requires the CD to play. Either way, I recommend you make a copy of the .exe first and rename it to something like 'ORIGINAL_conquest.exe'. You might need it if you ever want to install an update patch or expansion pack.

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    How do you read those .nfo files?? When I try to look at them I get a popup saying they are the wrong version... got XP Home...

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    If U want to read the .nfo files, U have to open them with do that right-click on the .nfo file, and click on "open with", then choode notepad

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    DOH!! didn't think of trying that :/

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    If U want to read the .nfo files, U have to open them with do that right-click on the .nfo file, and click on "open with", then choode notepad 
    or just download DAMN NFO Viewer form


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