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Thread: Duchovny Keeping The Secret

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    David Duchovny (The X-Files) will return to the world of the paranormal in The Secret, the latest Japanese film slated for a remake, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Swiss-born actor-filmmaker Vincent Perez will make his English-language directorial debut on the project, which Luc Besson (Unleashed, La Femme Nikita) is executive-producing through his Paris-based label EuropaCorp, the trade paper said. Lili Taylor (Six Feet Under, The Haunting) and newcomer Olivia Thirlby also have been cast in the film.

    The Secret, based on the 1999 Japanese film Himitsu, is set against an emotional triangle among a 16-year-old girl, her mother and her father. After the mother is killed in an accident, her spirit inhabits the daughter's body, the trade paper reported. Ann Cherkis adapted the English-language screenplay. Principal photography begins this week in Montreal.

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    duchovny didn't really acomplish much after he left the x-files...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpecialAgentPunk
    duchovny didn't really acomplish much after he left the x-files...
    That's cause he's a shit actor.

    He fit perfectly for the X-Files though. He was excellent.

    I hate when hear actors wanting to leave hit TV shows for the movies and then don't the process screwing up the hit TV show.
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