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Thread: Nokia 9500 Communicator Games?

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    Hey any body knows where to find some class Games for nokia 9500(offcorse for free). any kind of forum or site.
    and before some crackheads jump in saying "google it" i let u know that i already did that, 1000 of crap sites shows up which 9500 is not listed among thier DB.

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    on something.
    Apparently it uses symbian OS7, anything that works for series 80 phones should work at least so so with that.

    It might be backward compatible too.

    Look for files in the .sis format and try one, don't get it from just anywhere though, as there are a few viruses out there.

    If you can run series 60 stuff there's a version of "prince of persia:sands of time" out there, and I like a game called "metal bluster".

    There should be a load of games, and you could also try and find java games, if it runs series 60 software it might be able to cope with stuff that runs on the ngage, you'll have to experiment a bit though and see what works.

    The best stuff, like ngage roms and suchlike, is out there, but it isn't entirely legal, so I can't post a link here.

    I was searching for an app for series 60 phones on emule earlier, and I found more apps for series 80 than series 60 then, so I guarantee you there should be software enough for you.

    But start with java games, try stuff that's supposed to work with the ngage or 6600 for instance.

    Here's a random , legal, site to get you started, I downloaded their game packs ages ago, just scan them with an av before you use anything.

    f any of that stuff works then you can look for stuff for series 60 phones, which is available all over the place.

    EDit: have had a look around and it turns out you can't use series 60 .sis files 'cos the platform is too different

    Java might still work as it's more generic, though.

    This might be a good place to check for information about symbian OS7, btw. I think that site should be up to date on what's available.
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