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Thread: Plzz Can Some 1 Help Me

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    how do i uninstall xp and install 98 back on becoz when i put my 98 cd in it says you cannot install win 98 on this os.
    so how would i get rid of xp??

    sorry i posted this message a few days ago but i have seemed to of lost it and i didnt get that much help from it.

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    plzz some 1 help

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    If u upgraded to xp from 98 the option to go back should be in add remove if u did not del it and if its not there because u del or did not upgrade from 98 u have to reformat then install 98

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    could u plzz tell me how to reformat wot will i need

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    just do a startup disk..... insert it when the computer begin.....
    than choose "start computer with CD-ROM support"
    after this.... type: "A:". once u do this type
    >A: format C: (or where ever u installed ur OS")
    after it done formating, make sure that u have a Win 98 disc in your cd-rom
    press (X: - X represent the Cd-rom drive)
    and than install the windows again....

    hope u succeed B)

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    start up disk? wot u mean a win xp r win 98 startup disk

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    If you left your hd as fat32 then you don't have to reformat.

    Get your old win98 startup disk and reboot with cd support on.

    Then when it boots to dos just put the win98 cd in the drive and run the setup.

    Use a new "windows" location if you want a fresh install. You can then delete the winxp folders manually.


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