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Thread: Online HJT log analyser

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    Found this while surfing around and thought I'd post it for people wanting to save a bit of time sorting out their start up, it's also pretty helpful for people who want to learn how to use hjt, hope it helps some of you.

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    there is also which has been out for a bit

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    Thanks , I'v tryed vampiros link, thought it was pretty good but you still have to becareful what you fix. Its like a last resort, or if your helping a buddie with problems. Worth a bookmark !

    Just ran both side by side . They both flagged the same problems . But the seems a little easier to read . I ran bitdefender last week it left some files . But sure appreciate threads like this . Thanks again .
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    the iamnotgeek hijak analyser has a nice feature of telling you exactly what each item is.

    the is more direct

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    These "analyzers" are notorious for false positives and ommiting truly dangerous programs. Avoid them and use a free computer forum for HiJackThis analysis.


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