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    help, i am a beginer to all this but have read most of the FAQ's but am still at a loss. i have recently purchased easy avi converter which succesfully conveted 1 avi film to mpeg. then when i tried another it didn't work. i have since tried tmpeg converter which worked only once aswell, and now comes up with a multiple of errors none of which i understand. i have tried other converters all to the same result. i have all the correct codecs as the movies play fine with media player but will not convert to mpeg to watch on telly. am i doing something wrong or have i adjusted something without knowing it.
    please help!!!!!!!!!!!

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    .....i have recently purchased easy avi converter .....
    purchased?? woah, I haven't heard that word associated to any software in ages ...

    But about your problem, use VirtualDUB, or TMPGEnc, also go here , or this site , or even The DVDr help site

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    I dunno why none of you promote it, if you have a good quality .avi you can directly burn it to a good quality vcd using Nero All you need to do is uninstall all codecs and install klcodec16 - kazaalite's codec package - before you burn and it works fine, no need for encoding etc, just straight .avi to vcd


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