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Thread: i have well known incompletes complete

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    often on emule servers you get the message "please stop trying to download this file, it is a well known incomplete" and then the file hash

    however, i have allready had a couple of times that i got the complete file anyway........ is there any way to send a message out that i do have it complete and im sharing it?
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    Its not the server giving you the message, its just emule on your computer giving you the message

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    try to change server

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    I have had completes actually complete also. I use Edonkey 1.2.1 as of now. If I find files that are marked incomplete though, I usually delete them because I have so much stuff that I rotate since sharing over 30 can get you blacklisted, I find that I can afford to miss some pron so I just delete it instead of waiting to see if it will complete after being marked. I have found though that if you leave your client on strait without interuptions in the internet connection, you can get full sources for files that have not been seen in a while in some cases. This may also be a scalability issue though too.
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