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Thread: The Ring(xvid)to(mpeg)

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    I recently downloaded the THE RING in xvid and tried to convert to mpeg with Panasonic mpeg encoder it seemed to work ok but the video and audio were at a different speed.All i want to do is make up a vcd to play on my dvd player.How would any of you guys go about making up a vcd from an xvid download?

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    go to
    they have answers to any question about vcd conversion

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    To point you in the right direction, it's probaly the AC3 audio thats giving you problems. Best to extract the audio and convert to wav, and then encode to mpeg/VCD. The site mentioned above will show you how (it's quite a long process, which is why I wont post it here) Hope that helps.

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    Thanx for the help i'll try that and see what happens.

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    If you was searching for the AC3--->wave guide,then you will find the links here:
    Good stuff

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    hey, MotherwellFC how long did it take you to coinvet the ring?

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    It took about 4hours or something like that


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