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Thread: Is There Life Ouside Kazaa?

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    Don't get me wrong I LOVE Kazaa, but I was just wondering if you guys know of any other filesharing system that seems to have a good selection of movies? I have tried edonkey but it seems to take forever- I left it on overnight, and everyone seemed to be uploading but not one KB dowloaded?- needless to say I uninstalled that program. But please if you know of ant other file sharing network that seems to have a good selection of movies fill me in- Thanks

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    i like Emule plus, but it's much like Edonkey so u probably won't like it......

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    EMule and eMulePlus are better versions of edonkey, and I DL the majority of my movies, games, proggies using eMule. You'll have to learn to tweak your connection settings and find a site which list all of the best servers to connect to. It's not the best P2P for music.

    BitTorrent is very fast but the selection is limited by what's available from week to week.

    I still use Kazaa for those hard to find files. I share most of my eMule DLs on Kazaalite.

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    U can say all u want about edonkey, but its the only network I could find

    Krzysztof Kieslowski's Three Colors Trilogy (Blue / White / Red) (1993)

    If anyone does see it in any other network do tell, edonkey is painfully slow

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    it has the movies days/weeks before they are available on kazaa or elsewhere.

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    Bit Torrent also has a lot of movies before they appear on Emule or Kazaa.

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    stick with ft you can't go wrong.

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    if you're looking for new movies, use IRC.

    check quality of each release using

    and find them via a search engine for IRC ( OR

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    where can i get this program irc???

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    There is a steep learning curve, but the newest files, with no fakes are all available thru IRC.
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