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Thread: ballsed xbox soft modding

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    Hi all, looking for a little help, recently soft modded my ratail v1.1 xbox.
    All was going well till I selected unlock hard drive & restarted it.
    I now get the xbox service screen flashing error code 5.
    I have done a bit of looking around & found that this error code is popping up because retail xbox's don't like the hard drive being unlocked.
    I didn't get as far as connecting the xbox to the pc so I can't access any menu's that way. Took the hard drive out & formatted it in my pc as a lst resort, but that has made no difference.
    I'm thinking it's completly fecked.
    Any help appreciated


    the cabbagerider

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    lol, yes. Its gone if you formatted w/o backing up the eeprom.bin
    Need a cheap/easy way of modding your xbox? Check this out.


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