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Thread: Best news server?

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    I want to use a good free news server to download some binaries but can't find a decent one. My ISP's is a bit crap cos its a new isp and has no binaries on it. Anyone know a decent free server?

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    good once -> not free.

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    lol. True. But are there any that are OK, cos i don't wanna pay before i have tried downloading from newsgroups first

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    You could give YottaNews a go.
    Click here to create a free account.

    Haven't tried it myself yet,but if you're just trying to get used to how dl'ing from Usenet works it's as good as any other free server


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    I've tried yottanews, but its got a download limit, and the files i want to download are the big ones (2gb+). Great server though.

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    There are no free good ones, all free ones either have a data limit or don't hold binaries. Cough up 7 a month and get Newshosting.

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    newshosting all the way


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