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Thread: Music restoration Software?

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    I Know, I know... this has been posted before...
    but I've never put any atention to it.

    The thing is I found this song that my father had like 30 years without hearing it, and he was all exited about it, even with the very bad audio quality.
    So I would like to clean it or restore it,
    is there any good software for this?

    EDIT: Never mind.
    I used the 'Nero Wave Editor'.
    Great result, all the 'LP Like noice is gone.

    btw: the song was 'Jimmy Dean - Mom IOU'.
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    If in the future you have other projects to restore a recording you should check out "Cool Edit Pro". I think Adobe just bought it out and it's now called "Adobe Audition". It's a fairly steep learning curve but it gets superior results.

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    yes, I second cool edit pro. The reason I ilike it is because you can zero in on hiss and annoying noise, and remove just that. I have saved many crappy samples that way.


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