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Thread: K++ block IP ?

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    Can you view the IP addresses which are blocked? I just updated mine.

    it uses this address
    but I couldn't go to that site using the web.

    I also see alot of users called "Anon1234" or "anonymoususer@???" and I was wondering if these users are using something special to be anon or are they just using proxies - if anything.

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    The names you see are just chosen handles generally although they could be the dfault of a FastTrack client explaing why you see so many. As for the built in blocker as I remember you cant view whats being blocked in the earlier versions although you may be able to in some af the later ones that may have logging which if so I would think youll see a log of some sort in your client folder such as the KL++ folder or which ever you use...
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