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    i have downloaded some games and have transfered then to a file but can not get them to work the games r matt hayes fishing and deep sea fishing i have got a key for the matt hayes but an unsure how to use it

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    This belongs in software world or problems....but not here

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    then to a file
    what do u mean by that? did u put it into a cd? if u did you can not run the game straight from the cd... you will have to get a no cd crack

    has alot of them

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    Mod - do us all a favour and delete this pish. If not then put it somewhere appropriate.

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    Jim, for not having an avatar and a sig 1 week ago youve definately caught up with the rest of us, just a shame its all celtic though j/k lol

    and yes a little bit more information might be helpfull, are they .exes or .bin and .cue, are they PC games or console games, and a little bit more info on what exactly you have done with them might be helpfull.

    and this should be in the games forum not here.

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    Don't even bother trying to play them.

    If you really downloaded fishing games then you need therapy.

    Just delete them and get on with your life.

    Otherwise some equally sad bastard may actually make a seriopus reply to this.

    Like I told you elsewhere, just delete them boy. Don't take up valuable disk space.

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    Man u are a real asshole JmiF
    The guy needs help
    and who cares if he likes fishing games
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